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a bundle of nerve fibers passing from one side to the other of the brain or spinal cord

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In countries where the products are currently marketed, pre-packaged, glass syringes provide physicians with various options to treat nasolabial folds, glabellar lines, periorbital lines, perioral lines, vermillion borders, lips, chins, cheeks, smile lines, worry lines and oral commissures.
In our patients, macroscopically, commissures were observed irregular, and the mean cellularity score was smaller at the commissures when compared with the leaflets.
They stated that, considering the distance between the commissures, the right coronary sinus was the largest of all three sinuses of the aortic root.
The principles of surgical correction are the same as for mild cases--early liberation of the trapped fingers followed by deepening of the commissures (Figure 17).
Multiple, nodular, proliferative epithelial lesions were present around the eyes, submandibular area, and commissures of the beak (Fig 1) and on both feet, with a mild swelling of the digits of the right foot.
The consequence of the "aortic root" dilatation is stretching of the aortic valve cusps in roughly a straight line between the commissures, leading to a wide-open central regurgitant stream.
In summary, there seems to be no significant difference between high vagal lesions and RLN lesions in terms of VC position or length, degree of abduction on inspiration, anterior commissure angle, arytenoid position, glottic configuration on phonation, and vibrational asymmetry.
Ridgway explained that the information must be transferred between the two brain hemispheres and suspects that the dolphin's inter-hemispheric commissures, which connects the two halves, may transfer the visual information.
ILFEF produced marked and long-term positive effects (up to 18 months): pain relief, reduction of vegetative anxiety, increased uterine motility, softening and better elasticity of the commissures in the regions of the uterine appendages, normalization of the circulation in the vascular bed of the small pelvis.
reduced; veins convergent at apex; transverse commissures widely
The facial shell was divided into three parts; the upper part was defined as the part of the face above the inner cantus plane, the middle part ranged from the inner cantus plane to the plane through the outer commissures of the lips and the lower part was below this plane.
So how does a congenitally bicuspid aortic valve open if theoretically the distance between the two commissures across the aortic orifice is a straight line?
34) WMD may also occur in the anterior and posterior commissures, the periventricular WM and the cerebellar peduncles.
Atrophic candidiasis presents as hyperaemic mucosa commonly found on the hard palate or dorsal tongue, and angular cheilitis presents as tender erythematous fissured oral commissures.