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an official of the Communist Party who was assigned to teach party principles to a military unit

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Then, on August 1, there can be a rising from the ashes, a huge white Yorkshire Rose bush, to be celebrated and enjoyed and to give us all some hope that perhaps, after all, the commissars in Brussels cannot destroy everything that is good and worthwhile in our lives.
Rich's concern is not economic; it is that the curtain of totalitarianism is descending, lowered by the right's cultural commissars.
Joining Senor Toledo, as new commissars in South America, are fellow Marxists Fernando de la Rua (Argentina), Hugo Chavez (Venezuela), and Luis Lula da Silva (Brazil).
Judging from the zeal of contemporary CPS commissars to break up healthy families while invoking "the best interests of the child," the mythical Bethlehem CPS would probably have taken issue with the fashion and circumstances in which Mary gave birth.
While this premise all but begged for a big-screen treatment, Hollywood's Sensitivity Commissars dictated changing the villains' identities.
The sunset provision was included because the EU's finance commissars "hope that it will be replaced with a worldwide system to tax Internet downloads at the point of consumption.
The New York-based magnate appears equally at home with the commissars of Communism, counting China's premier, Zhu Rongji, and president, Jiang Zemin, as longtime friends.
Welfare reformer Vladimir Lenin can have the Department of Communities and rename it the Council of People's Commissars.
EUROPEAN Union commissars are intending to force member states to take quotas of North African illegal immigrants.
Our judiciary has failed the people, while consecutive parliaments have worked to erode our rights and laws for their own selfish ends, that will place us and our children into the hands of the foreign collectivists of the EU, followed not far behind by the United Nations, that hotbed of commissars in New York.
THERE is a very real threat to local democracy about to be proposed by the politburo of Kirklees and the commissars who run it for them.
He said he was leaving over disappointment by his colleagues who were acting as "political commissars," issuing orders to others what to do and say.
I've been told the commissars would have relegated me if I'd won, but make it a straight sprint," he added.
joerobertsx When your teams top of the league you just feel that whole much better @Nick_WRC So who''s up for Wembley when @Wrexham_FC make it through to the final COUNCIL TAX @grahnat WAG''s Commissars deny Anglesey a timely election and impose the LARGEST Council Tax increase Michie_Jones Why don''t they take away from their allowance increase
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