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an official of the Communist Party who was assigned to teach party principles to a military unit

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The article analyzes the film Commissar (1967) by screenwriter and director Aleksandr Askol'dov.
Israel Defence Forces battalions do not need commissars.
SSI served Hosni Mubarak much as the Stasi served the commissars of East Germany, and as in many a communist state, even the leader was not exempt from surveillance.
Communist armies, and the PLA was no exception, were run through a dual authority system in which political commissars were attached to all formations at all levels to ensure ideological purity and to keep an eye on the military commanders.
On this day we can fondly turn our minds to those controlling more and more of our once-proud country, the commissars who take billions in taxes from us each year.
Later, the political commissars also collected the passports of all dead volunteers and together they were used to create identities for Soviet agents.
This is because the same unelected commissars (this is what they are called) will still be making most of our laws for us.
The Soviet Bloc commissars believed that if you don't allow the masses to sample what the private sector could provide then they remain contented with what the State allows them to have.
The author claims that Comrades and Commissars is an "updated" version of his earlier book, Between the Bullet and the Lie [1969].
Readers will doubtless recall that trade union commissars from the GMB had vowed to upstage Sir Stuart by bringing a four-foot juvenile Jaws to the meeting in a portable aquarium.
SUCH is the efficiency of insulation in the Victoria Street Kremlin that some stern-faced commissars from the Culture Company failed to realise that the bloke in the shell suit singing Liverpool O Hate
Their topics include factors and phases of army involvement in domestic politics, myths about political commissars, and dual-use technologies.
The Soviet Party, the KGB, and the armed forces with their political commissars remain intact.
What does this flaccid achievement say about Moore, a legitimately important figure who has expanded the boundaries of a form that now commands respect from the cultural commissars at The New Yorker, university lit departments, and Hollywood studios on the hunt for their next franchise?
My entire argument rests on three theses: (1) the execution of commissars, including Jews, which began on the very first day of the war; (2) the instruction bei zhidapolitruka (beat the Jew-politruk)--that is, the conflation in Nazi propaganda of Jews and commissars (Bolsheviks); and (3) the ultimate effectiveness of this propaganda.
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