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a retail store that sells equipment and provisions (usually to military personnel)

a snack bar in a film studio

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The Report meets this demand with a shrewdly conceived and sustained equity-of-blame argument that becomes the fulcrum of the entire document and has a single principle at its center: any blame that might be apportioned to the behavior of the sitting administration is easily counterbalanced by the behavior of preceding authorities--and by historical "fact" as interpreted in accordance with current presidential and commissarial need.
During this period, Steger held several commissarial positions and campaigned vigorously to oust Land Bishop Wurm.
Similarly, whatever the status of its guiding argument, this extremely well-researched work is filled with nuanced and intelligent discussions of Schmitt's legal philosophy, his changing attitude toward commissarial and sovereign dictatorship, his relationship to Lukacs, and a host of other topics.
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