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ABSTRACT: I observed white rhinos (Ceratotherium simum) in Matobo National Park, Zimbabwe, perform a behavior previously undescribed for this species; males vigorously removed the bark from commiphora trees (Commiphora marlothii) with their horns, and then rubbed their head and rostrum on the debarked areas.
Chemists at the University of Florence in Italy report in Science News magazine that they've found that myrrh - secretions of the thorny flowering shrub Commiphora - has analgesic properties.
Guggulsterone [4,17(20)-pregnadiene-3,16-dione], the active component of gugulipid, is derived from the gum resin of the tree Commiphora mukul, and has cis and trans isomers.
In addition to BioPerine and Curcumin C3 Complex, some of the company's more popular botanical extracts include Boswellin Boswellia serrata extract for inflammatory response; Citrin Garcinia cambogia extract to support satiety; Gugulipid, an extract of the oleo-gum resin of Commiphora muka to support cardiovascular health; and ForsLean Coleus forskohlii root extract to promote lean body mass.
Myrrh is also a resin, derived this time from the Commiphora tree, which is also found in the Arabian peninsula and north east Africa.
More recent experiences of the Owambo people with Marula and the Ovahimba with Commiphora, are showing us that we need to assert our rights over these resources for the maximum benefit of our communities, who are the true custodians of these resources.
Thyrocap is a herbal preparation containing solid extracts of Bauhinia variegata, Commiphora mukul, Glycyrrhiza glabra and Convolvulus pluricaulis (100 mg of each extract per capsule).
In my experience, combining the berries with the flowers enhances the action of them both; Myrrh - commiphora molmol This resin is thought to stimulate the production of white blood cells, which makes it a very good choice when an antimicrobial is required.
Resin is obtained from many southern African woody plants, such as Ozoroa spp, Arctopus echinatus, Widdringtonia cedarbergensis, Commiphora pyracanthoides, Combretum erythrophyllum, Protorhus longifolia and Acacia spp (Grant & Thomas 1998:236, 318, 350; Van Wyk & Gericke 2000: 140, 278, 230, 250, 284).
Patients also may be taking nonprescription agents that lower lipid levels, such as niacin, the centuries-old Ayurvedic medicine gugulipid (a derivative of resin from the Commiphora mukul tree), red yeast rice, phytosterols, fiber, or garlic.
Combating Desertification Effects by Participatory Action and In-situ Conservation of Commiphora wightii: An Endangered Medicinal Shrub in Nagarparkar Hills of Tharparkar, Pakistan, Advances in Environmental Biology, 7(13): 4039-4045.
ferruginea, Commiphora molmol, Garcinia kola and Curcuma longa for their activity on experimental thrombosis in mice, demonstrated that the extracts of all these plants have significant antithrombotic effect (Olumayokun 1999).
Myrrh is a plant resin derived from the thorny desert shrub Commiphora molmol which grows wild in the Horn of Africa.
Built on a prepare, protect and repair regimen, the Anti-Ageing Sun Care range boasts a Sun Adapt Complex based on the skin caring properties of sweet orange extract, chaulmoogra oil and commiphora plant cells, which together are said to regulate the activity of melanocytes, protect skin cell DNA and strengthen the skin's immune defenses.
Bisabol, sweet myrrh Commiphora erythraea Burseraceae