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a socialist who advocates communism

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How gloriously ironic that our commies could back a man who made his name and money selling and promoting the greatest brand of American capitalism.
It is now upon Malema and his Commies to prove that there is real substance behind the ideological bluster.
Continue reading "The Postwar Origins of the Slur "Gay Commie Jew"" at.
To boot, Borisov mused: "Those commies and their kids would have still be ruling Bulgaria, had we not ousted them from power.
I guess our little magazine got lost in the mail on the way to The New Republics editorial offices, along with those copies of The New Yorker containing Seymour Hersh's early warnings about Iraq, which relayed the misgivings of his sources--those commies over at the Pentagon and the CIA.
Leading the campaign to boot out Commies was Senator Joe McCarthy, a drunk with a list, who ruined countless lives with his modern day Salem witch trials.
Call me simplistic but I say the commies won, though they've gone mainstream where they remain, albeit in denial--in the environmental movement, in the animal rights movement, in the feminist movement, in peace movements and in social justice groups, possibly in a parish near you.
A special award for endeavour must go to Jack Miller, who offers the following verse: 'Don't let the Commies ban our Xmas 'It fills us full of cheer 'Don't let the Commies ban our Xmas 'It's our favourite time of year 'Don't let the Commies ban our Xmas 'Right that's enough of this rubbish let's go and get the beer.
band whose music is sold at Record Breakers, declare, "Everyday they beat in our heads / That Niggers and Jews are our friends / Everyday women's lib and equality / Homos and commies marching down our streets / Let's start a war for Aryan purity / Let's start a war for our children to be free / Wipe your people from sea to shining sea / I'll make you watch as your family bleeds.
Commies SHOULD HAVE APPEARED LONG ago but proves well worth the wait.
But for those who remain less certain, Commies contains a critique
Commies were the bad guys and gee, apple pie looked and tasted like apple pie should.
Eventually, the conflicting abundance of musical talent (compounded by certain defections and farewells) led to further personnel changes, to the point where Afrocuba's surviving 1992 roster only included a couple of old-timers- percussionist Mario Luis Pino (alias Mayito) and trumpeter/keyboardist Roberto Garcia, the latter of whom became the bandleader when Oriente was "seduced by the yanqui dollar," as the ruling Cuban Commies would argue.
They should be worrying about the commies still in their toilets.
To say that Hoover hated commies merely because he really hated gays, and that he really hated them only because he couldn't stand himself, is both ridiculous and dangerous.