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a treaty governing commerce between two or more nations

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It had integrated that broad law of nations by granting authority to make treaties and alliances without introducing significant subject matter constraints, save for the limits on commercial treaties.
97) But their opposition significantly influenced the practice going forward--so much so that, as the next Section details, congressional implementation of commercial treaties became embedded in nineteenth-century practice.
This special committee was formed in the autumn of 1919 and its function was to start preparing commercial treaties for Finland, the agreement with Estonia being the first in line.
The subsequent commercial treaties guaranteed that foreign nations' citizens could inherit and own property in the United States, contrary to some state laws, and granted various rights to foreign citizens residing in the states.
Of the four major peace and commercial treaties between England and Portugal noted above, the one signed in 1654 was the most contentious in the eyes of the Portuguese.
When a Chinese admiral showed up with more ships than had ever been seen and landing forces larger than the local military, requests for commercial treaties invariably followed.
These categories correspond to major issues which Morier observed in Germany including, respectively, the Prussian constitutional crisis, the establishment of the German Empire in 1871, free trade in the form of commercial treaties, and finally, church-state relations as evidenced in the Kulturkampf The chapters are divided accordingly.
These are international trade usages, commercial treaties, model contracts, model laws, regional trade laws and out-of-court dispute settlements.
According to the Commercial Treaties Administration Board (DATCO) of the Ministry of Economics of El Salvador, it is likely that that by the end of 2001 El Salvador's exports to Mexico will be double the level of one year earlier.
has concluded many commercial treaties that collectively have become known as friendship, commerce, and navigation treaties (FCNs).
Early in 1778, when Burgoyne's defeat inspired French confidence in American success, he succeeded in securing a treaty of commerce and defensive alliance and, when later in the same year he was appointed plenipotentiary to the French court, obtained repeated loans and negotiated commercial treaties with Sweden and Prussia.
They lobbied vigorously against any relaxation of the unequal commercial treaties there.
First, as in the Jay Treaty debate, opponents of self-execution invoked the Necessary and Proper Clause in arguing that commercial treaties should require congressional implementation, rather than be deemed self-executing.
commercial treaties concluded in the final decades of that century: the first protection and security clauses.
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