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Synonyms for invoice

Synonyms for invoice

a precise list of fees or charges

to present a statement of fees or charges to


Synonyms for invoice

send an bill to

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Generally, the Consular invoice contains all the details that are covered in the commercial invoice and in the packing list, and is intended to serve as shippers' declaration of the value of the shipment.
Under a CIF contract, the purchaser is obliged to pay against the tender of a clean bill of lading that covers the goods contracted to be sold, an insurance policy and a commercial invoice that shows the price.
In the case of the commercial invoice becoming the negotiable document, it is important to remember that only copies of documents should move with goods having payment restrictions.
Standard formats of Certificate of Origin, Phytosanitary Certificate and Commercial Invoice according to UNLK were developed.
The exporter's computer systems must be flexible to send commercial invoice data in multiple formats.
SAMMS commercial invoice batch was added in June 1999.
Importers can elect to have the commercial invoice removed prior to delivery to a third party, insuring that an end-customer doesn't receive cost of goods information.
Automation of this competitive offering, including Denied Party Screening, Export Control Classification Number License Control Checks, Commercial Invoice Preparation and Automated Export System Filing, supports clients' compliance programs, saves clients time, resources, compliance processing steps and helps clients avoid hefty fines and denial of export privileges.
A recent review of Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) commercial invoice processing data indicates that there are still 4.
The certified functions include: download Material Master lists and details, Vendor Master lists and details, Commercial Invoice lists and details and Purchase Order lists and details.
Limited Tenders are invited for Annual Rate Contract For Supply Of 18 Lakhs Sets Of Commercial Invoice At Noida Regional Office
A properly drafted proforma invoice should be a mirror image of your commercial invoice anti as such, will help to prevent trade disputes.
Following production, the vehicles and the related shipping documents (such as the bill of lading, the commercial invoice and the certificate of origin) are sent directly to the distributor ("B" on the illustration).
Limited Tenders are invited for Supply Of Commercial Invoice Pre Printed Continuous Computer Stationery To Bpcl Locations In Southern Region
The amount of the commercial invoice does not exceed the credit amount or available balance of the credit.
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