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a workplace where fish are caught and processed and sold

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More stringent fishing controls have been applied in recent years, restrictions on the commercial fishing of certain species of fish, etc.
Other changes, such as the quota system in commercial fishing and advancements in flight technology, have made many of these jobs safer.
The fishermen used active fishing gear and a commercial fishing vessel with 2.
The group warned the TSPS that basically the entire Tanon Strait remains 'off limits' to commercial fishing operations.
I'm with Oregon's commercial fishing families on this.
Upper Peninsula fishing is also highlighted at the Keweenaw County Historical Society Commercial Fishing Museum.
India, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, and China are highly prominent in commercial fishing in Asia Pacific.
The commercial fishing industry generates 1,781 direct jobs with the job holders earning $94.
In case of infraction, the operator or owner of the commercial fishing vessel would face administrative liability, instead of criminal liability.
Officials say ending commercial fishing there will improve the numbers and sizes of snappers, groupers, wahoo, mackerel and hogfish.
Australia created the world's largest network of marine national parks on Friday, protecting an area of ocean the size of Western Europe in a move which will prevent oil and gas exploration and commercial fishing in the most sensitive areas.
But global warming has caused the sea ice to retreat, opening new areas of the Arctic to commercial fishing.
The old days of unregulated commercial fishing are over.
Readers with an interest in commercial fishing and fishing boat enthusiasts will appreciate the personal tone and evident admiration for the people and vessels portrayed in this work.
Commercial fishing is one of the most dangerous occupations in the United States (1).
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