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Synonyms for failure

Synonyms for failure

the condition of not achieving the desired end

one that fails completely

a cessation of proper mechanical functions

nonperformance of what ought to be done

a marked loss of strength or effectiveness

the condition of being financially insolvent

Synonyms for failure

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Kilkenny, Carlow, Cavan, Leitrim, Roscommon, Laois, Sligo and Longford all recorded commercial failures of less than 1%.
Taking advantage of the lessons from the MCM and silicon interposer era, including commercial failures, may provide a better chance for success this time.
Ware said Philip Morris spent large sums of money over the years developing and promoting various brands of low-nicotine cigarettes, but that they were all commercial failures.
Her third chapter focuses on the films of Kenneth Branagh, considering the commercial successes of Henry V and Much Ado About Nothing as well as the relative commercial failures of his later adaptations such as Love's Labour's Lost.
The early commercial failures often offered a service which was already provided by high-street shops and was ill-suited to the anonymity of the internet.
But the success stories outnumber the commercial failures and have not just been limited to the first quarter.
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