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Ward, who has worked for Skanska since 2002, has been an integral part of Skanska Commercial Development USA since its start.
The housing is not needed and commercial development is not wanted.
Zaim will lead the company's Neurology Commercial Development team in creating and driving commercial strategies for pipeline assets and late stage compounds approaching the commercialisation stage.
This community of 6,500 experienced a three-per-cent population dip from 1996, but that dire statistic hasn't deterred some new residential and commercial developments from springing up.
Congress passed the Commercial Space Act of 1998 in the hope of jump-starting commercial development by requiring the National Aeronautics and Space Administration to buy "space-based and airborne Earth remote sensing data, services, distribution, and applications from a commercial provider.
Since the cartoonist includes a billboard on the Martian surface, he may be implying that the scientific achievement of the Mars mission could be overshadowed by the possibility of commercial development and profit.
Caption: Carl A, Jennings, BASF executive vice president and NAFTA regional president, will be honored at the Commercial Development and Marketing Association's (CDMA) awards banquet in Boston on April 28.
Based upon the successful steam pilot tests, Scimitar has issued a Commercial Development Declaration, effective October 18th, as required by the Petroleum Service Agreement with the General Petroleum Company (GPC).
It presents a model of a growing office market in a city with mixed land uses where intensive commercial development imposes external costs of one kind or another on the community.
Starting in 2010, changes in the accounting rules in the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs) affect segments, Residential Development (IFRIC 15), Commercial Development (IFRIC 15) and Infrastructure Development (IFRIC 12).
M2 EQUITYBITES-April 12, 2016-Eisai names new vice president Commercial Development & Alzheimer's Disease Global Lead, Neurology Business Group
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-October 28, 2015-Skanska appoints Shawn Hurley as head of Commercial Development Operations in the US
Skanska Commercial Development Nordic starts a new office project in Vantaa, Finland, a part of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.
UNDOUBTEDLY the A1 and A19 provide the fundamental infrastructure that supports business in the North East and facilitates continued commercial development.
Skanska USA announced that its commercial development unit, which is pursuing initiatives in Washington D.
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