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a readily salable crop that is grown and gathered for the market (as vegetables or cotton or tobacco)

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In 2006 some 377,490 acres were required to produce a commercial crop of 5,036 thousand tons.
An environmental consultant directing the project said longer summer droughts could turn Ireland's legendary green landscape brown from dried grasses, eliminate potatoes as a commercial crop, and harm salmon and sea trout fisheries, Reuters reports.
Hemp, a variety of cannibas, was a commercial crop in California in the early 1900s.
SemBioSys is also entitled to receive an additional $500,000 milestone payment on achievement of proof-of-concept expression in a commercial crop by a Martek selected partner.
Sunflower, already a commercial crop for its oil and seed, faces fewer barriers than the introduction of wild species, because its agronomy and production practices are well understood.
In fact, coffee is the principal commercial crop of over a dozen countries, half of which earn 25 to 50 percent of their foreign cash from its export.
This isn't about "Puff the Magic Dragon;" it's about an easy-to-grow commercial crop that can produce a natural high for our economy.
There are 21 different varieties, all of which are being tested to determine the best variety to grow as a commercial crop in the Pacific Northwest.
After evaluating several hundred strains of Alyssum plants for favorable genetic characteristics, they have developed the first commercial crop capable of hyperaccumulating nickel and cobalt.
The first UK commercial crop of purple carrots, grown in Cambridgeshire, was scheduled to make its debut at Sainsbury outlets in July.
Thus guayusa was never marketed in Europe, and was not taken up as a commercial crop even regionally in South America after the Jesuit expulsion, although it is available for sale up to the present in Ecuadorian village markets.
There is the potential to help solve land degradation problems, while at the same time providing farmers with a commercial crop, and habitat for native animals,' Ahmed says.
The management plan for the site calls for a pre-commercial crop tree release of 50 to 75 crop trees per acre in 2040, a commercial crop tree release in 2070 and a regeneration harvest of mature oak and cherry sawlogs in 2100.
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