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a financial institution that accepts demand deposits and makes loans and provides other services for the public

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In this context, depository institutions include commercial banks, savings banks, and savings associations.
As compared with most of the urban commercial banks with remote prospects of A-share listing, Chongqing Rural Commercial Bank inarguably holds the key to success.
Table: Policy Banks And The 'Big Four' State-Owned Commercial Banks 29
The number of rural commercial banks in China has expanded rapidly, and it had reached 85 up to the end of 2010.
Historically, commercial banks have been the major providers of credit and other financial services to small businesses.
Increasingly, commercial banks recognize the value of the Bank System as a source of low-cost funding for housing finance as well as a tool for balance sheet and interest- rate risk management.
Development Characteristics of China Rural Commercial Banks
According to the statistics of China Banking Regulatory Commission, 62 city commercial banks set up 103 branches in places other than their home cities in China in 2010; over 40 city commercial banks made plans to go public.
Datamonitor's Global Top 10 Global Commercial Banks report profiles the leading players in the commercial banking market worldwide.
Commercial banks and life insurance companies originated the bulk of foreclosed or restructured loans: 55.
Firms typically obtain several services from their primary institutions, which, as just shown, are usually local commercial banks.
4 Establishment of Vice-Provincial Rural Commercial Banks
Therefore, only local commercial banks (and, when their offerings warrant, local thrift institutions), with their broad range of services, are included in the current definition of a banking market.
In comparison with state-owned commercial banks and shareholding commercial banks, China's city commercial banks are of small scale.
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