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The fleet of five test A350-900 aircraft completed the certification flight test campaign, on time, having accumulated more than 2,600 flight test hours to create and successfully achieve one of the aviation industry s most thorough and efficient test programs ever developed for a commercial airliner.
The global aviation sector is currently worried over the spate of accidents involving commercial airliners which have killed dozens of lives in just a week's time alone.
According to the report, the global commercial airliner and regional aircraft market is expected to witness significant growth in 2020, led by increases in demand from emerging economies, higher air traffic rates, and increasing market liberalisation.
This study includes manufacturers of commercial airliners and regional aircraft companies.
The fighter jets stayed with the commercial airliner for the remainder of its flight, said Blondin, speaking from NORAD's headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
It would have been awfully difficult for an Air Force pilot to shoot down a commercial airliner full of, full of our citizens.
A commercial airliner flying to a foreign airport with such a system aboard would require an export license from the State Department.
As requested, GAO addressed (1) the regulatory actions that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has taken and the technological and operational improvements, called advancements, that are available or are being developed to address common safety and health issues in large commercial airliner cabins and (2) the barriers, if any, that the United States faces in implementing such advancements.
THE PRIME Minister opened the UK's biggest new factory yesterday, the pounds 350mAirbus plant at Broughton in Cheshire, which will make wings for the biggest commercial airliner ever to fly.
VIRGIN boss Sir Richard Branson flew into Basra International Airport today with 60 tons of medical supplies on board one of his jumbo jets - the first commercial airliner to land in Iraq since the war.
For terrorists seeking reasonably high body counts and wider ripples of fear and chaos, taking down a commercial airliner would do nicely, disrupting air travel and tourism as 9/11 did.
Finally, does anyone know the age of the oldest commercial airliner being flown today?
supersonic (faster-than-sound) commercial airliner plan to eliminate the "bent nose" design of supersonic jets like the European Concorde.
com/research/qc6x59/global_commercial) has announced the addition of the "Global Commercial Airliner and Regional Aircraft Industry 2012 2017: Trends, Profits and Forecast Analysis" report to their offering.
The deal comes on the eve of the African Aerospace and Defence Expo, the biggest showcase of aviation technologies in Africa, and will permit the 2 local manufacturers to bid for more work on Airbus s commercial airliner programmes.
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