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Commercial airliner demand is increasing because of growing fleet of airlines and rising air traffic.
The department's science and technology directorate gave contracts to Northrop Grumman and BAE Systems to test theft respective counter-manpads directed infrared counter measure systems (DIRCMs) on commercial airliners.
FAA has taken a number of regulatory actions over the past several decades to address safety and health issues faced by passengers and flight attendants in large commercial airliner cabins.
Since the 1980s, shoulder-launched missiles have been fired at commercial airliners roughly twice a year, and even more frequently since September 11.
supersonic (faster-than-sound) commercial airliner plan to eliminate the "bent nose" design of supersonic jets like the European Concorde.
com/research/qc6x59/global_commercial) has announced the addition of the "Global Commercial Airliner and Regional Aircraft Industry 2012 2017: Trends, Profits and Forecast Analysis" report to their offering.
The deal comes on the eve of the African Aerospace and Defence Expo, the biggest showcase of aviation technologies in Africa, and will permit the 2 local manufacturers to bid for more work on Airbus s commercial airliner programmes.
com said it has added a new market research report to its catalogue called Global Commercial Airliner and Regional Aircraft Industry 2013-2020: Trend, Profit, and Forecast Analysis.
An additional hurdle will be the Federal Aviation Administration, which has the responsibility of approving any technology incorporated onto a commercial airliner.
The AirFest included an unveiling of a picture of Stevens painted on a Lockheed Super Constellation, a commercial airliner nicknamed the ``Connie'' that was used as a transport plane by the military.
The paperweights celebrated two occasions -travelling aboard the world's only supersonic commercial airliner and also the new Millennium's arrival.
Called high-speed civil transport (HSCT), these jets would fly faster and carry more passengers than the Concorde, the only commercial airliner that currently breaks Mach 1, the speed of sound.
Based on the proven A330 commercial airliner, the A330 MRTT/KC-30 provides a total air mobility solution - with exceptional capacity for in-flight refueling, plus full flexibility in cargo delivery, passenger transport, aeromedical evacuation and other missions.
Brazilian authorities confiscated the passports of two American pilots on Tuesday who were flying a business jet that apparently collided with a Gol commercial airliner that crashed last week deep in the Amazon jungle, killing all 155 people on board.
After nearly three years in a Pakistani prison, the 24-year-old actor is coming home on a commercial airliner tonight at Los Angeles International Airport, to be greeted by his mother, family and friends.
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