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Synonyms for comment

Synonyms for comment

critical explanation or analysis

an expression of fact or opinion

to state facts, opinions, or explanations

Synonyms for comment

a written explanation or criticism or illustration that is added to a book or other textual material

explain or interpret something

provide interlinear explanations for words or phrases

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Everyone's always got to take something to heart," one commenter wrote.
But then, why not track your most prolific and most respected/helpful commenters, and integrate this information with your subscriber database?
A commenter alleges that GS Bank does not show commitment to serve the public interest.
com commenter "TCMann" In response to "High Frequency, Fat Target" (November)
com commenter "Doctor Whom," in response to "Progressive Puritans" (May)
For another commenter, people should be wary how things are moving in the country.
Badr Sary, another commenter, said that the clip was a great response to the extremists.
This is not really helpful to anyone except for perhaps the commenter himself and may be to the person he is addressing.
The commenter stated that one of those behind the Boington & Fredericks scam was Frederic Achom who was banned from being a director for 13 years.
Tout juste revenue sur le sol americain apres un nouveau voyage humanitaire en Afrique, Angelina Jolie a du commenter l'absence a son annulaire de sa bague de fiancailles.
One commenter said of the Greenbaum brouhaha that he preferred reading the comments to the news stories.
Commenter DESERT SUN shared his own bankruptcy experience: "I was CEO of a high-tech startup.
See the graph to the right to learn more about commenter activity.
One commenter has repeatedly requested clarification that mutual insurance holding companies will be treated as insurance companies for the purposes of the Dodd-Frank Act," officials say.
Last month, for example, one Yelp commenter had this to say about a Manhattan Elliman broker: "Would rather sell my home for a dollar than use this woman.