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Italian comedy of the 16th to 18th centuries improvised from standardized situations and stock characters

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But as far as antique collecting is concerned anything today which is connected to the commedia dell' arte is worth its weight in gold.
La primera parte con Pierrot Lunaire (tres veces siete poemas de Albert Giraud) marca el comienzo de la musica dodecafonica de Schoenberg; "pero tambien es muy agradable de tocar con la sola voz de Maddelane, quien baila en tres diferentes roles de Pierrot": primero blanco, como el vestuario del mimo frances; la segunda en "un triste Pierrot de negro", y al final con el estilo italiano de la Commedia dell' Arte.
Bertolucci playfully indulges in staging a magical Pagnotta and Columbine commedia dell' arte play before a theater of delighted schoolkids.
Confined to a sanatorium, she becomes increasingly obsessed with photography, while various characters, vaguely reminiscent of commedia dell' arte figures, push her to confront reality beyond the frame of the camera eye.
Para comprender los mecanismos estructurales de esta obra, es necesario recurrir a la Commedia dell' Arte, a sus personajes estereotipo s, al predominio de los juegos de escena, pantomimas, y a las digresiones.
In some entries, such as Barba's description of montage and Ferdinando Taviani's essay on commedia dell' arte, the visual material is incorporated into the writer's discussion.
The large polished wooden set is vaguely Tudor, dominated in the first act by a painting from the Italian Renaissance, and the action is framed by the antics of a commedia dell' arte Harlequin, who from time to time fishes costumes out of a box.
Fratelli Bologna was born twenty years ago as a commedia dell' arte troupe performing at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Northern California.
TMT pulled out all the stops in mounting the three interludes: an elaborate commedia dell' arte farce with Pulchinello, a masque of love featuring exotic East Indian women and the grand finale dance of surgeons and apothecaries that ended with a ringing Latin "Vivat