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And now you may go below, and, when again you find it necessary to address me, you will please be so good as to bear in mind the fact that I am your commanding officer, and as such entitled to a salute.
The serjeant then acquainted his lieutenant, who was the commanding officer, that they had picked up two fellows in that day's march, one of which, he said, was as fine a man as ever he saw (meaning the tippler), for that he was near six feet, well proportioned, and strongly limbed; and the other (meaning Jones) would do well enough for the rear rank.
Your story will be tested," said the commanding officer, when Connal had been marched to the guard-tent.
The commanding officer inclined a grizzled head perceptibly, and no more.
In the box were a pair of French epaulets, a Cross of the Legion of Honour, and the hilt of a sword--relics from the field of battle: and the letter described with a good deal of humour how the latter belonged to a commanding officer of the Guard, who having sworn that "the Guard died, but never surrendered," was taken prisoner the next minute by a private soldier, who broke the Frenchman's sword with the butt of his musket, when Rawdon made himself master of the shattered weapon.
Did you never hear of his father, Major Kirke, commanding officer of the regiment in Canada?
A man who joined his regiment at twenty and within a week challenged the most imperious and presumptuous coxcomb of a commanding officer that ever drew the breath of life through a tight waist--and got broke for it--is not the man to be walked over by all the Sir Lucifers, dead or alive, locked or unlocked.
Peter's, once, to hear mass, and their commanding officer came afterward, and not finding them, supposed they had not yet arrived.
At the change of command ceremony Vice Admiral Hussaini was presented guard of honour and introduced to Commanding Officers of the units and the command.
Jonathan and Janelle Lewis, Homewood Commanding Officers @ 412-242-1434
Bringing down the age of commanding officers and brigadiers was recommended by the Kargil Review Committee as it was felt that same ranked officers in Pakistan and China then were at least five year younger.
Students were excited to receive a guided tour of the ships by the respective commanding officers on duty.
Navy continues to suffer from poor decision making among a small number of commanding officers (COs), as demonstrated by continued headlines: "Squadron Commander Relieved of Duty after Alleged Drunk Driving Incident"; (1) "Amphib [amphibious force] CO Fired, Source Says Linked to Alleged Bribery Scheme"; (2) "Sub Commander Relieved of Duty after Woman Alleges He Faked Death to End Affair"; (3) "Navy Investigates ex-Blue Angels Commander after Complaint He Allowed Sexual Harassment"; (4) and "Navy Skipper Abdicated Command.
The commanding officers of the ships paid a courtesy call on the Director of GCC Affairs and Defence Attaches, at the Office of the Chief of Staff Sultanate's Armed Forces (COSAF) and discussed matters of mutual interest concerning bilateral naval cooperation, particularly the training aspects of navy personnel in both countries.
The ship has seen 18 Commanding Officers of which three went onto become Chiefs of Naval Staff viz Admiral Madhvendra Singh, Admiral Arun Prakash and Admiral Nirmal Verma.
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