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Synonyms for commander

Synonyms for commander

someone in an official position of authority who can command or control others

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a commissioned naval officer who ranks above a lieutenant commander and below a captain

an officer in the airforce

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One of them was Monsieur Bouladrie, who had been commander of a battery outside the walls of Louisburg.
Some commanders in their periods of seclusion are constantly grumpy, and seem to resent the mere sound of your voice as an injury and an insult.
4th of October, after having spent forty-five days at New Archangel boosing and bargaining with its roystering commander, and right glad was he to escape from the clutches of "this old man of the sea.
My commanders were further instructed than when engaged with an enemy to draw him as rapidly as possible toward a ship of his hereditary foeman, and by careful manoeuvring to force the two to engage, thus leaving him-self free to withdraw.
Over all these there are sometimes more officers, sometimes fewer: thus in little cities there is only one whom they call either general or polemarch; but where there are horse and light-armed troops, and bowmen, and sailors, they sometimes put distinct commanders over each of these; who again have others under them, according to their different divisions; all of which join together to make one military body: and thus much for this department.
The one gives copies of his verses to consuls, commanders, hotel keepers, Arabs, Dutch--to anybody, in fact, who will submit to a grievous infliction most kindly meant.
Half an hour afterwards we held a council of war, at which all the commanders of regiments were present.
Though the words of the order were not clear to the regimental commander, and the question arose whether the troops were to be in marching order or not, it was decided at a consultation between the battalion commanders to present the regiment in parade order, on the principle that it is always better to "bow too low than not bow low enough.
I hastened on board and asked for Commander Farragut.
The Commander stands for the virtues of wisdom, sincerely, benevolence, courage and strictness.
Governor and commander are interchangeable terms with Phil, expressive of the same respect and deference and applicable to nobody but Mr.
At the first sign of resistance," cried the commander of the
 "General," said the commander of the delinquent brigade, "I am
That group of horsemen is our commander, his staff, and escort.
On one side were those who admitted the fall of the projectile, and consequently the return of the travelers; on the other, those who believed in the observations of Long's Peak, concluded that the commander of the Susquehanna had made a mistake.
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