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a user interface in which you type commands instead of choosing them from a menu or selecting an icon


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ObjectAda(R) for Linux comes with both a graphical and command-line interface, integrated language-sensitive editor, lightweight source-based library model, and industry leading compilation speed.
Electric Cloud now offers a command-line interface to the cluster resources, in addition to its web-based User Interface.
Backups can be run from within Embarcadero's DBArtisan console or through a command-line interface that allows a DBA to issue backup and recovery commands via extended stored procedures through any standard SQL script.
TurboHA requires two or more servers for fail-over capability; it has dual-server monitoring capabilities and provides an immediate command-line interface in the event of a server malfunction, thereby reducing server downtime to a minimum.
In addition, a new command-line interface allows users to perform or script the same actions as the graphical client, including initiating updates, subscribing to software channels and searching for installed packages.
Easily managed using native NT tools, the F87 offers a comprehensive browser interface or command-line interface, and integrates fast data access and backup and recovery capabilities, providing high-level data management functionality with an appliance sized for smaller workload and capacity requirements.
These have been used in conjunction with the FLT-68K firmware with its text based command-line interface.
The StarTeam command-line interface now supports add-project and add-folder commands.
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