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a hard brittle multivalent metallic element

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The CD-ROM edition contains a fully searchable comma delimited data file that can be imported and used with practically any database or data management application including: ACT, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, dBase, Goldmine and more
The implementation vendor shall provide the results of the completed interviews in a standard database format, such as Excel, SAS, comma delimited, or other format mutually agreed upon with the Health Connector.
Customers of SPSE will have easy access to this data as a result of the new 'Masterfeed' file - a delivery of pricing data that consolidates all the asset classes SPSE prices into one easy to use and customisable comma delimited file.
Using RATA's system, we upload required information from our core processor, save this information as a comma delimited file (CSV) and use an import definition created by RATA personnel to load the CRA loan information into RATA's system.