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The bills for this pension-boosting extravagance, unheard of in the private sector, are now coming due and at the same time government officials at all levels are looking to cut services to the public while squeezing more tax dollars from that same public.
In a recent deal in South Brunswick, NJ, SWH Funding financed the developer of an attractive assisted living project when the purchase money loan from the seller was coming due and could not be extended.
In June GR exchanged notes coming due in 2008 and 2009 for approximately $291 million of notes coming due in 2016 and also exchanged notes due in 2012 for approximately $255 million of notes due in 2036.
TV had a 64 million euro ($64 million) loan coming due at year's end, but obtained an extension from its lenders over the weekend.
The building has a $13 million balloon mortgage that is coming due in March 1997 but the lender, Jamaica Savings Bank, has begun foreclosure proceedings.
The new issue is targeted for general corporate purposes, and may be used to help refinance senior notes coming due in 2007.
We have many parishes established in the mid-20s that are now coming due for their celebration.
The Center had between 2 million and 3 million square feet in leases coming due last year of its total 6.
The primary short-term challenges are refinancing $625 million of unsecured debt coming due July 20, 2007, low capital levels but still 'Well Capitalized' by regulatory standards, and high percentage of hybrid equity as part of total equity.
And then there's the fact that irresponsible Uncle Elroy has squandered the remains of his lottery winnings on chronic and sex toys, and a serious property tax bill is coming due.
At a time when traditional sources of capital remain scare, commercial property owners are now looking to the burgeoning REMIC market to raise the cash they need to pay off loans coming due.