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a magazine devoted to comic strips

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Comicbook legend Stan Lee calls Salt Lake Comic Con the greatest comic con in the world -
Simon Kinberg's screenplay is based on a 1981 edition of the original comicbook series titled Uncanny X- Men .
Having brought their talents to such television toons as "Batman," "The X-Men" and "The Real Ghostbusters," as well as such comicbook classics as "Spider-Man," "Conan" and "Tarzan," three of animation's most coveted producer/artists have joined Stan Lee Media, Inc.
It's believed that Bloome, 30, will be the show's version of comicbook baddie Doomsday, a superpowered being who was genetically engineered on Krypton to be virtually invincible.
Tim Blake Nelson played the part of a scientist called Samuel Sterns - and in the comicbooks that character becomes the dome-headed Leader.
The comicbook version of the Leader is slightly different.
Comicbooks featuring the characters have been published by Marvel, Dark Horse and Devil's Due and there was a TV cartoon series in 1985 and an animated movie spin-off in 1987.
Joe - the toy brand, cartoon and comicbook series - is released with a star-studded ensemble cast including Christopher Eccleston and Sienna Miller.
There is no known Weapon 11 (or Weapon XI) in the comicbooks so the fanboys are in the dark over who the character is and exactly what his role will be.
In the comicbooks, Wolverine is known as Weapon X, with the X later revealed to be a Roman numeral, not a letter nor anything to do with the X in X-Men.