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a magazine devoted to comic strips

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But it is just what the doctor ordered for the incurable comicbook buff.
That's thanks to Coventry comicbook artist Simon Myers, who has painstakingly revamped the sleeves of iconic LPs.
As a child, I can recall a fascination, nearing on compulsion, to draw comicbook heroes.
Described as a comicbook hero, there were ups and downs in equal measure throughout Ferguson's career.
Apart from perhaps DC Comics, no other firm has done more to shape the global comicbook market than Marvel Entertainment, which gave birth to titles such as X-men, Spider-Man and Fantastic Four.
Along with roles in The Chronicles Of Narnia, Atonement and comicbook action movie Wanted, with Angelina Jolie, it propelled him on to the A-list.
20pm) Action-packed adaptation of the popular comicbook series about a half-vampire on a mission to destroy the undead.
Now MacLachlan is popping up in this episode of the comicbook inspired drama, playing Skye's father.
The currently set up division of comicbook publisher IDW Publishing, IDW Entertainment has joined hands with Entertainment One Television (eOne) to co-develop, co-fund as well as co-produce television series based on IDW s library of more than 300 original assets.
40pm Paul (2011) An alien held captive in a top secret American military base escapes and hides out in the van of two English comicbook geeks on a tour of UFO hotspots.
55pm) DIRECTOR Bryan Singer delivers a riveting comicbook adventure about mutants with super powers.
He argues that famous comicbook artist Stan Lee created a new kind of superhero that shifted away from the individualistic metaphysical substance ideals attached to heroes to more relational ones.
Saturday The Amazing Spider-Man Sky Movies Premiere, 8pm Andrew Garfield steps into Tobey Magurie's still warm boots in this reboot of the comicbook action series.
50pm) Comicbook capers as a scientist turns into a raging monster when he's angry.
College student Christian Ang, who dressed as the popular comicbook hero Captain America, took it upon himself to protect the other runners with his shield.