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a sequence of drawings telling a story in a newspaper or comic book

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The comic-strip, Pepito, centers on a rambunctious seven year old and is known for its social critique.
While the information is all there, the format in which it is presented is a bit on the awkward side, requiring the reader to read through the comic-strip, then read the explanatory notes and refer back to the strip to see which portions each note refers to.
A site-specific installation of comics realized for the 1999 Carnegie International, Rythm Mastr also encompassed an eight-part comic-strip that ran in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, and new installments are to be published by the artist in serial form.
I wanted that stark comic-strip version, absolutely flat images, and limited range of colours.
De Haven's novel will be a romp for cognoscenti who can pick out the bits of historical and biographical fact that make up the novel's fictional bricolage, as fragments of comic-strip creators such as Rube Goldberg and Harold Gray emerge at different points, while "Joe Palooka" artist Ham Fisher appears in proper persona.
Their discussion of whether hate-filled rhetoric leads to action is interrupted by a - we'll use the comic-strip special effects here - BOOM
Have you ever noticed how many folks decorate their workplaces (and refrigei,ators) with comic-strip panels?
The 2007 campaign, with its comic-strip theme, is one that is quite different for them; however, they immediately saw the value, both for the short-term as well as for how the concept could potentially be leveraged into their long-range marketing goals.
In addition to flawless reproductions of the original strips, James Bond 007: Colonel Sun includes an introduction by Britt Ekland, a summary of how Kingsley Amis came to continue the Bond legacy after Fleming's passing in 1964, and an interview with comic-strip artist and adapter Jim Lawrence.