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a magazine devoted to comic strips

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Korcek, while paging through David Hajdus 2008 book "The Ten-Cent Plague: The Great Comic-Book Scare and How It Changed America," came across the following statement on page 94:
A lot of the characters in my plays are either comic-book fans or comic-book characters, or they're based on them," Aguirre-Sacasa points out.
Thus the recording studio (the "documentary" space) is designed to look like a big Pop-art painting or a comic-book frame--an effect heightened by touches of 2-D animation--while the so-called fictional space (where the story of Pekar's life is enacted) borrows from the codes of Hollywood neorealist films of the '70s.
Yet African folklore is not Western civilization, as "the West" is traditionally defined; Spider-Man, like the funny-animal tricksters before him, may incorporate an African and African American character type, transmuting it into a deracinated comic-book image.
Like a brown comic-book Oprah, Maggie's waistline has even become a subject of controversy.
In Chino Hills, California, a new city ordinance requires that "minor, oriented" businesses (arcades, baseball-card shops, comic-book shops) be licensed by the city.
The MoondogEs shops vaulted Mount Prospect into the forefront of comic-book retailing in the 1980s and E90s, but it is the vision of Jim Mortensen and his Comix Revolution shops that has kept Mount Prospect at the Midwest center of comic-book commerce today.
A lot of people think they know what comic-book movies are - filled with stupidity, no moral relativism, just bright, shiny surfaces.
It includes deleted scenes, commentary with Lee, ``Captured Fury'' (illustrators from around the world create a scene from the movie in comic-book form), ``Superhero Revealed - The Anatomy of the Hulk,'' ``Evolution of the Hulk'' - from comic books to screen, a feature on Lee, and ``The Making of Hulk the Dogfight.
The Dark Knight Strikes Again is the sequel to the 1986 groundbreaking The Dark Knight Returns, which has over a million copies in print and changed forever the way people envisioned the comic-book medium.
When Rob Lambert doffs his business suit, he becomes not just one superhero, but 33 comic-book action greats tattooed from neck to ankle.
A weekly editorial area, The Pulse, keeps visitors up-to-date on current releases and comic-book industry news.
The imagination of comic-book lovers everywhere will run rampant as they wait to read the adventures of the DC Universe through the eyes of Stan Lee - the comic book world's most prized and beloved storyteller.