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a magazine devoted to comic strips

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A lot of the characters in my plays are either comic-book fans or comic-book characters, or they're based on them," Aguirre-Sacasa points out.
Next question: Which came first, being a comic-book geek or being gay?
Thus the recording studio (the "documentary" space) is designed to look like a big Pop-art painting or a comic-book frame--an effect heightened by touches of 2-D animation--while the so-called fictional space (where the story of Pekar's life is enacted) borrows from the codes of Hollywood neorealist films of the '70s.
Yet African folklore is not Western civilization, as "the West" is traditionally defined; Spider-Man, like the funny-animal tricksters before him, may incorporate an African and African American character type, transmuting it into a deracinated comic-book image.
The fifth issue of Black Lightning would also have provided a perfect illustration of Munoz's claim that comic-book icons can negotiate cultural formations of race and sexuality, since it is a story about the difficulty of coming to terms with a double life.
Like a brown comic-book Oprah, Maggie's waistline has even become a subject of controversy.
In Chino Hills, California, a new city ordinance requires that "minor, oriented" businesses (arcades, baseball-card shops, comic-book shops) be licensed by the city.
In what could be the most difficult of comic-book battles, the Board of Equalization in the state of California has ruled that comic-book artwork does not qualify as an "original manuscript" Art Speigelman, who won a Pulitzer prize for Maus (a two-volume comic book about the Holocaust), says that the implication here is that "comics are not literature but simply a commodity.
A lot of people think they know what comic-book movies are - filled with stupidity, no moral relativism, just bright, shiny surfaces.
Jimmy Corrigan'' juxtaposes the heart-wrenching tale of an estranged father and son's visit with comic-book fantasies; like ``Maus,'' it took awards usually given to novels.
A weekly editorial area, The Pulse, keeps visitors up-to-date on current releases and comic-book industry news.
The company acts as the exclusive comic-book retailer for Stan Lee Media (Nasdaq:SLEE), http://www.
The imagination of comic-book lovers everywhere will run rampant as they wait to read the adventures of the DC Universe through the eyes of Stan Lee - the comic book world's most prized and beloved storyteller.
In addition, the company acts as the exclusive comic-book retailer for Stan Lee Media (www.