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a sequence of drawings telling a story in a newspaper or comic book

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Until this moment Owen had not imagined that this sort of thing ever happened nowadays outside the comic papers.
Having sung songs of Araby and tales of far Cashmere, Mr Roscoe Sherriff was refreshing himself with a comic paper.
She held out a weekly comic paper, pointing to an article on one of its pages.
At 10-in by 13'in (26 x 35cm), it was larger than most children's comics then on the news-stands and, with half of its 24 pages in full colour, it stood out from Fleetway's black-and-white comic papers.
Along the way, comic papers, musical comedy, and the early response to the gramophone are considered in a book that seeks to identify class and gender biases in British leisure and practice in the 19th century.