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a sequence of drawings telling a story in a newspaper or comic book

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Included in the launch are twelve birthday and just-for-laughs card designs by Scott Hilburn, the bizarrely-funny mastermind behind "The Argyle Sweater" comic panel.
WAYNE EASTBURN / The Register-Guard Pam Huston of Eugene recently had her idea - inspired by her 8-month-old granddaughter, Flynn - published in the "Pluggers" comic panel.
For the past 16 years, Tom Wilson II has been drawing the daily Ziggy comic panel, the Sunday Ziggy comic strip and authoring the collection of Ziggy books in conjunction with his father's creative influence in the company.
Podrebarac's first comic panel "Cowtown" appeared in the The Kansas City Star in 1984 and since then, he has created several others including "Smart Alex" and his latest, "Fat Cats," which currently appears in several newspapers across the nation.
David Waisglass is co-creator of FARCUS - a workplace comic panel distributed by Universal Press Syndicate from 1990 to 1998.
This stock change will provide for more brilliant colors on each comic panel.
While at the Tribune, MacNelly won his third Pulitzer and in 1991 created Pluggers, the syndicated comic panel based on reader submissions.
Here's how it works: three actors voice the dozens of characters, a Foley artist creates all the sound effects, and a pianist plays a cinematic score, while more than 1,250 individual full-color hi-res comic panels tell a hilarious sci-fi adventure story visually from an enormous movie screen.
The books have been a beloved part of the initiation into reading for millions of children, among them New Zealander Jackson, 49, who recalled poring over Herge's colorful comic panels before he could understand the words.
The game also offers gorgeous anime-style comic panels between levels that tell the samurai's story with original hand-drawn artwork.
The Smithsonian's National Museum of American History will also mark the 60th anniversary of the "Peanuts" strip with a case that will feature objects from Schulz, including drawing utensils, an animation cel from the television special It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown and two comic panels that show the cartoon's progression from rough pencil sketches to finished ink strips.