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a person who draws cartoons

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An obsessive collector, newspaper cartoonist, comic strip artist, archivist, author and chronicler, he amassed Britain's biggest collection of comics, an accumulation which at his death last year was found to weigh no less than 12 tons.
He tells readers that Schulz was the first comic strip artist to use biblical quotes in his work.
If anyone is going to find any defendant guilty," The Washington Post scolded after a series of merciless strips on Watergate, "it's going to be the due process of justice, not a comic strip artist.
Trudeau was the first comic strip artist ever to be awarded a Pulitzer Prize for editorial cartooning in 1975.
DiPerri has launched a promising career as a comic strip artist, author and art teacher at the high school where he once was a student.
Comic strip artist Tony Carrillo says he's tried his hand at a number of failed careers - pizza cook, Web site designer, dancing costumed character, portrait artist, insurance drone, waiter, custom framer, camel ride attendant and the guy at the airport who waves orange wands at the airplanes.
NASDAQ:AMZN) and Andrews McMeel Universal today announced the launch of the first Comic Strip Superstar, the international competition in search of the next popular comic strip artist.
It's a vase - or a pencil holder: Fill with gifts for your favorite aspiring comic strip artist or with dry flowers.
Award-winning comic strip artist Michiru Morikawa, from Tokyo; Picture: Trevor Roberts
has announced production start-up on the animation series Marsupilami, starring the hilarious little jungle creature of the same name created by Belgium's late great comic strip artist Franquin.
com/ for $12) is the brainchild of Mutts comic strip artist Patrick McDonnell's famous feline, Mooch.
In 1975, Trudeau became the first comic strip artist ever awarded a Pulitzer Prize for editorial cartooning.
com site, the first on-line gambling site to be designed by a comic strip artist.