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a woman forced into prostitution for Japanese servicemen during World War II

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Li said she hoped to arouse people's awareness of the fact that comfort women are victims of sexual assault.
Despite the lack of accurate information, unearthed documents and testimony indicate 80 to 90 percent of comfort women were Koreans in their mid-teens and early twenties.
However, the government has not reported any information relating to Australians serving as comfort women for the terrorists.
The Japanese government--heretofore referred to as Tokyo--has thus far failed to fully comprehend the importance of the comfort women issue to reconcile its wartime past and should properly acknowledge the abuse of these women.
Japan's forcing of girls into sexual slavery was the same as the abduction of Japanese nationals by North Korea, says David Lee, president and chief executive officer of the Korean American Public Affairs Committee, an influential group of Korean residents in the United States which is stepping up demands for Japan to apologize to comfort women.
We hope the hardships the comfort women went through will be a memory for the whole world, although attempts to gloss over Japan's wartime atrocities still continue," said Mina Watanabe, co-representative of Japan Action for Resolution of the "Comfort Women" Issue.
There is no evidence that people called comfort women were taken away by violence or threat by the (Japanese) military," Hashimoto said, adding: "If there is such evidence, South Korea should provide it.
Despite what the Japanese Embassy describes as having "acknowledged the comfort women issue and extended official apologies on many important occasions," most survivors and their advocates reject such statements on the grounds that these gestures were short in both legitimacy and reparations.
Many comfort women have rejected the fund, seeking formal government compensation.
The rental sisters, who sound like distant cousins of comfort women, have more success than the few rental brothers.
In this new book he brings welcome attention to the extant sources on comfort women in Japanese archives and elsewhere.
Since the Dutch government has held a similar position, it had instructed that the issue of the comfort women will have to be directly conferred with concerned individuals in the Netherlands.
Korean women's groups and nongovernmental organizations formed the coalition Never Again: Justice for Military Comfort Women.
Women and girls who resisted were beaten, tortured and sometimes murdered in front of their fellow comfort women.
SEUL (CyHAN)- A South Korean man in his 80s set fire to himself in front of the Japanese embassy in Seoul amid the ongoing rally for the victims of comfort women, a euphemism for sex slaves coerced into Japan's military brothels during World War II.