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Synonyms for comfit

candy containing a fruit or nut

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Panda Comfits relaunched as Panda Torpedoes in April with new flavours and a design change helping lift sales 37.
The bag includes comfits, filled licorice, raspberry flavoured licorice and yellow surprise chocolate balls.
I had a weakness for liquorice too - sticks, pipes, comfits, allsorts and catherine wheels.
And best of all, "muscadines" were a kind of sweetmeat perfumed with musk; a cookery book from 1665 says that they went by the name of Kissing Comfits.
And for the rich, there was obvious status in flavoring one's food with exotic tastes and textures, as in the use of comfits or spices and seeds in cakes.
There were coconut chips, sherbert fountains, slab toffee, plain and nutty, that the shopkeeper broke with a little hammer, liquorice comfits, the red ones were much prized by little girls who used them as lipstick, marzipan bon-bons, raspberry ruffles, liquorice laces, all at twopence a quarter.
What a joy to find all the old-fashioned sweets I remember from childhood: liquorice tablets and aniseed balls, spearmint chews and liquorice comfits.
He kept a supply of sweets, such as Dolly Mixtures and Liquorice Comfits to give to the children who attended the surgery.
There are licorice bars and pieces, comfits, bear-shaped pieces, as well as mint-filled licorice, and raspberry and strawberry bars.
Elizabeth I had black teeth which was occasioned by a) eating sugar comfits and b) syphilis, inherited from her father Henry VIII.
The Panda liquorice bar is made from all natural ingredients and contains none of the synthetic colourings found in the liquorice comfits.
another of pippin apples and oranges and two pots of comfits (sweets) and a pot of green ginger.
For the UK market new products include the Rose Garden flower patterned tins of chocolate pearls and L'Amour cachous and Elizabethan comfits.