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Synonyms for comfit

candy containing a fruit or nut

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Slices of Conference pears were sweet as can be, the delicate cheesy fritters, the shape of liquorice comfits, hot, light and crisp.
In The Merry Wives of Windsor, Shakespeare mentions a number of sweetmeats and confectioneries, Falstaff announcing in Act 5: "Let the sky rain potatoes; let it thunder to the tune of Greensleeves; hail kissing comfits and snow enrigoes.
Shakespeare mentions a number of sweetmeats and confectioneries in The Merry Wives O f Windsor and the larger than life character of Falstaff greets Mrs Ford at Herne's Oak saying: "Let the sky rain potatoes; let it thunder to the tune of Greensleeves; hail kissing comfits and snow enrigoes.
Panda Comfits relaunched as Panda Torpedoes in April with new flavours and a design change helping lift sales 37.
Whitman brought the soldiers comfits and company, while taking record of their names, their stories, their wounds, and, far too often, their deaths.
For lunch today there was egg soup with lemon juice and broth, cockscomb, a marrow bone, chicken fried in breadcrumbs, jelly, apricots, bread, and fennel comfits.
The bag includes comfits, filled licorice, raspberry flavoured licorice and yellow surprise chocolate balls.
I had a weakness for liquorice too - sticks, pipes, comfits, allsorts and catherine wheels.
And best of all, "muscadines" were a kind of sweetmeat perfumed with musk; a cookery book from 1665 says that they went by the name of Kissing Comfits.
At the beginning of the betrothal chapter, the narrator comments that carnival is a time of fun for the boys and the striplings: "there were practical jokes of all sorts, from throwing comfits to throwing stones--especially stones.
Now if she might only sell comfits to children, she was sure she could please them?
It was a dream full of Arcadian poetry, but with no firm ground underfoot, as if the floors were made of marchpane and sugar plate and wet comfits, and so I lost my footing and fell through.
In both chapters, we find good coverage of new `sallets' (salads) in market and private gardens, and recipes for gilded marchpanes, kissing comfits and marigold tarts among other dishes.
Before beginning business, Matty consults with the town's established tea-merchant, making sure that her shop will not impinge on his trade; and, after she opens, she regularly gives children extra comfits, thus turning each sale into a loss.
And for the rich, there was obvious status in flavoring one's food with exotic tastes and textures, as in the use of comfits or spices and seeds in cakes.