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(astronomy) a relatively small extraterrestrial body consisting of a frozen mass that travels around the sun in a highly elliptical orbit

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In the cold depths of space, comets are no more than chunks of frozen gases, ices and dust.
The comet, C/2012 S1 (ISON), is highly unusual in that it comes to the inner solar system for the first time and will skirt around the Sun within less than two solar radii from the Sun's surface on Nov.
As the comet approaches, heat from the sun will vaporize ices in its body, creating what could be a spectacular tail that is visible in Earth's night sky without telescopes or even binoculars from about October 2013 through January 2014.
According to Levison's comet taxonomy, comets with T>2 are designated 'ecliptic' comets because most members have small inclinations.
Worldwide, there were four comet discoveries in the 1600s, three in the 1700s, four in the 1800s and 46 in the 1900s.
By bringing back samples of Comet Wild 2, Stardust "is now giving us the ground truth" about comets and confirming the remote studies of Tempel 1, Lisse says.
In January 2004, on its second loop around the sun, Stardust brushed past the comet Wild 2.
The Sparks won the game on the boards, outrebounding the Comets 41-31.
To make Aerogel an effective comet catcher, Tsou altered the foam's density.
That's what the Comets have even though they are not the same team without injured forward Sheryl Swoopes and retired guard Cynthia Cooper.
After many trips, says Thomas, comets run out of icy "fuel" and fizzle out.
ESA's spacecraft aims to be the Rosetta Stone of the solar system -- the decipherer of the many secrets comets hold in their icy, dusty cores.
The Director of the Comet and Meteor Section welcomes all observations of comets, but to be of scientific value the observer should concentrate on the following:
But if the impact left barely a dent in this 9-kilometer-long, fist-shaped body, the data collected from the collision have made an indelible mark on studies of comets and the formation of the solar system.
The Sparks took it as a compliment, a sign of respect, that the Houston Comets would come out and play a zone against them.