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Synonyms for opening

Synonyms for opening

an open space allowing passage

a favorable or advantageous combination of circumstances

Synonyms for opening

a ceremony accompanying the start of some enterprise

becoming open or being made open

the first performance (as of a theatrical production)

the act of opening something

opportunity especially for employment or promotion

Related Words

the initial part of the introduction

a possible alternative

an entrance equipped with a hatch

a recognized sequence of moves at the beginning of a game of chess

first or beginning


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IT'LL ALL COMEOUT IN THE WASH: John Prescott may be giving up politics, but the political debate in Liverpool goes on with a vengeance
On-loan from Man City, the youngster was calm and alert when asked to comeout of his are a and become an extra sweeper.
ComeOutPoker also boasts the first ever gay poker game, known simply as ComeOut Hold'em.
Football never ceases to amaze you - it's sickening to play like that and comeout losing a game I felt we should have won.
I realise that means a family has to go through a tragedy, but hopefully they will see some good can comeout of their loss.
MacFarlane said: ``It's hard to know what to expect although they must comeout and have a go at us.