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Czech educational reformer (1592-1670)

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Teachers from five Comenius partner schools attended Academy 360 earlier this month for the inaugural meeting.
Addressing the academicians and students of Comenius University, Gul talked about Turkey's foreign policy and its relations with the EU.
The Comenius program was developed to improve the mobility of pupils and educational staff; to increase and enhance the partnership between schools in EU member states and to have at least three million pupils taking part in joint educational activities by 2010.
I am very glad that despite for all the ethos and emotional character of the text Stropnickys's performance is sober and free of the exaggerated pathos that one often alas hears in actors reading Comenius.
From within this milieu of homeland and faith, John Comenius envisioned a daring kind of Christianity that sought to be faithful to his received tradition, yet free from the overpowering notion of Christendom that had silenced the missionary witness of the Reformers.
Pavel Floss analyzes the works of the great Bohemian educator Comenius and finds traces of Platonic influence, a few of them from the Florentines but most of them from Nicholas of Cusa and Tommaso Campanella.
Although Grain begins with the New England Primer, first published about 1690, she quickly moves backward in time in order to compare it with its post-Reformation predecessor, Orbis Sensualism Pictus, or The Visible World, by Johann Amos Comenius (1592-1670), the first picture book for children.
He became a lecturer at the Comenius Faculty of Protestant Theology in Prague.
Our first president wrote: "Jesus, not Caesar" In this he followed our philosophers Chelcicky and Comenius.
Comenius advocated instruction in one's native tongue rather than Latin, which was in widespread use throughout Europe at the time.
Saba's Unified Learning Management Suite, Hosted Through Partner Comenius, Enables Efficient Training and Certifications for 2,500 Employees Nationwide
As part of the Comenius Project, which links schools in Latvia, Germany and the UK, teacher Dagnija Rubick spent a week learning about British culture and sharing her knowledge of her home country with the pupils of Sir Charles Parsons School and Science College in Walker, Newcastle.
Comenius has enabled groups of college students to travel on expenses-paid trips to France, Germany and Italy in the last two years alone.
Egle Budreviciute, Laura Gataveckaite, Jessica Mai (Lower Sixth) and Adele Parry (Year 11) joined delegates from all the participating countries to finalise their Comenius Programme work highlighting the benefits of EU membership before final presentations at the concluding meeting in Germany.
The academy, which achieved the International School's Award in 2009 and had it renewed in 2012, has just completed its second major Comenius project.