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Presenter Stephen Fry wrote on his Twitter page: "Terribly saddened to hear that John Sullivan, one of the great comedy writers of our time, has died.
For the rest of the decade, they were the toast of Broadway, starring in two more hits, The Cocoanuts (1925) and Animal Crackers (1928), both tailored to their talents by top comedy writer George S.
Daughter Kristin is a comedy writer for Fox's Futurama.
Either they can help you put your program' together or they can lead you to a local comedy writer who can.
With a career spanning two decades, he has numerous TV appearances to his name as a stand-up comedian, presenter and actor - and behind the screens, as an acclaimed comedy writer.
In "Comedy Writing Self-Taught", Emmy award winning comedy writer Gene Perret has created a 175 page instruction manual for aspiring writers of comedy including stand-up, sketch, and situation-based (sit-come) comedy.
A BRIGHOUSE comedy writer has won a top film competition.
Linehan, 45, is a double nominee in the Best Comedy Writer category for his work on Count Arthur Strong and The IT Crowd.
The Ten Commandments of Comedy comes from an Emmy Award-winning comedy writer and teaches comedy writers to become better through following 'ten commandments' of superior comedy writing.
The Association of National Advertisers' Alliance for Family Entertainment, which has helped find, support and bring to air 20 hit TV shows and awarded more than 50 scholarships to young screenwriters at leading universities across the country, is looking for the freshest take on what's real-and really funny-about the modern family in the first annual Search for America's Newest Comedy Writer.
So if a comedy writer was what I was destined to be, why was I trying so hard to resist it?
A COMEDY writer has sparked outrage over a sick "interview" with missing Madeleine McCann.
Walter Gause, a comedy writer and entrepreneur from a small city near the Bronx, is behind Comedy Blvd.
In a book dedicated to the memory of the late comedian Bob Hope, Hope's longtime head comedy writer shares anecdotes and tips about writing and marketing writing based on finding the offbeat in every day life.