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a process in which a substance reacts with oxygen to give heat and light

a state of violent disturbance and excitement

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With leaner or richer mixtures, the concentration of either reactant or oxidant decreases, which results in a lower speed of the combustion reactions.
The KAS kinetics model enables one to calculate the energy change in the reactions of activated molecules and describe the mechanisms of combustion reactions of blending samples.
The increase in air mass flow will cause more energy transfer from the combustion reaction to the incoming air.
Low activation energy values of Thar coal categorise it as a reactive coal and can undergo pyrolysis and combustion reactions easily, says the research.
When lit, the steel wool undergoes a combustion reaction with oxygen gas in the air.
High degree of the metal oxidation at outlet was registered in those cases, when flow of oxygen, injected into ASMF, exceeded the one necessary according to stoichiometry of fuel combustion reactions.
Why should someone who would probably choose the major "not science or math," if it were offered, have to become an expert on combustion reactions vs.
Polychlorinated benzene and polychlorinated phenol in hetergeneous combustion reactions of ethylene and ethane.
Gas chromatography using a 6' molecular sieve column was then employed to separate and identify the products of the combustion reactions in an attempt to determine the mass balance for each of the various reaction mixtures.
The group's major business lines include: TODD(TM) low-NOx burners, comprised of the RMB(TM), Variflame(TM), and Dynaswirl-LN(TM); COOL Technologies(TM), a family of ultra low-NOx processes, including COOLfuel(TM), COOLkits(TM) and COOLspray(TM) used on fired equipment to attain the lowest possible NOx while enhancing total combustion performance; and COOLflow(TM) modeling, which incorporates Computational Fluid Dynamics and physical modeling to analyze and improve airflow and combustion reactions in burner systems.
In all, combustion reactions of oil shale semi-coke, bituminous coal and their blends are very complex multistep reactions and further research should be performed in the future.
Combustion reactions were carried out in a closed vessel for a variety of blend compositions and over a wide range of blend/air equivalence ratios, and the chemical species produced were analyzed by gas chromatography and FTIR spectroscopy.