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Synonyms for combustion

a process in which a substance reacts with oxygen to give heat and light

a state of violent disturbance and excitement

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Ametek Process Instruments offers an extensive line of combustion gas analysers for measuring oxygen, combustibles, methane and other fuel-rich atmospheres.
Features such as automatic pre-programmed temperature adjustments, automatic demand limiting, continuous monitoring of combustion gas flow, metal and chamber temperatures all contribute to increased operating efficiency.
The contract includes an industrial analysis automation system with automatic milling, X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) and spark optical emission spectrometry (OES) systems for the analysis of stainless steel, as well as individual laboratory instruments, such as combustion gas analyzers for oxygen, nitrogen, carbon & sulfur, and XRF for slag determination.
Contract notice: Delivery of emergency cooling pump from the engine to the combustion gas desulphurisation system for boilers k-1 and k-2 power plant no.
Other features are said to include calorized steel emitter tubes for higher radiant efficiency and safety, a state-of-the-art step opening combustion gas valve for quieter ignition, and a closed combustion chamber design and direct spark ignition system with 100% safety shut-off control.
Bruker today announces the launch of the advanced, G4 ICARUS version C-HF, a new competitively-priced metals combustion gas analyzer designed for rapid and precise carbon measurements in metal casting and heat treatment applications.
2 Global Gas Detection Equipment Market by Combustion Gas Detector 07.
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