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Synonyms for combustion

a process in which a substance reacts with oxygen to give heat and light

a state of violent disturbance and excitement

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Ametek Process Instruments offers an extensive line of combustion gas analysers for measuring oxygen, combustibles, methane and other fuel-rich atmospheres.
Through tank or heat exchange surface modifications, condensing water heaters extract more sensible heat from the combustion gas, lowering the temperature enough to cause moisture to condense out of the combustion gases, thus capturing a significant portion of the latent heat energy.
The technician will then turn on your water heater and test it for combustion gas spillage, and test the furnace as well.
THE ANNUAL GAS TURBINE AWARD was presented in June to three engineers for their outstanding contribution to the literature of combustion gas turbines or gas turbines thermally combined with nuclear or steam power plants.
KIMO INSTRUMENTS has extended its offering of HVAC portable instruments to include a new range of four different combustion gas analysers covering the needs of domestic boiler technicians through to industrial heating engineers.
Other features are said to include calorized steel emitter tubes for higher radiant efficiency and safety, a state-of-the-art step opening combustion gas valve for quieter ignition, and a closed combustion chamber design and direct spark ignition system with 100% safety shut-off control.
Look for signs of combustion gas spillage around the draft hood (Figs.
We also see technology breakthroughs coming in the areas of combustion and turbine engineering, materials and post combustion gas treatment that will be cost effective game changers for emissions, power and efficiency.
They will study HCCI combustion timing and work output control strategies under the influence of coupling through re-inducted or trapped combustion gas.
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