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Synonyms for combustion

a process in which a substance reacts with oxygen to give heat and light

a state of violent disturbance and excitement

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The post condition showed the excess combustion air is reduced.
Figure 1 shows the recommendations for clearances to nearby windows, doors, and other construction features for combustion air and vent terminations.
This is to remove direct contact between the combustion air and fuel.
Principally used in fuel-fired applications, recuperative systems take waste energy leaving the furnace exhaust and repurpose it to preheat either charge materials or combustion air.
The OPRA combustor design uses an electrically actuated air modulating valve to divide the engine airflow between the combustion air and the dilution air.
Additionally, the cooling air which becomes heated in the condensing process is regenerated by the Cyclone Engine and used to pre-heat combustion air in the engine's patented combustion chamber, thereby increasing thermal efficiencies.
The turbocharger had a pressure ratio performance which was higher than the ET13 and could deliver combustion air at higher boost pressures or in volumetric flow rates.
MEXICO CITY -- Dresser Roots Mexico recently won an order for two Large Rotary Blower packages model 1648 RAS-J driven by 500 HP motors with Variable Frequency Drivers (VFD) for a combustion air application to Cemento Sur.
Contract Awarded for Shaw Centre Combustion Air Correction and Boiler Replacement
Image with caption: "Fuel reduction regulator and injection patented vacuum pump to engine combustion air stream.
To increase efficiency in natural gas usage, Ryobi modified the furnace by removing most of the combustion system and replaced it with a regenerative combustion system, which utilizes a pair of burners that cycle to alternatively heat the combustion air or recover and store the heat from the furnace exhaust gasses.
Every heater gets 100% of its combustion air from outside the heater's immediate environment
And, it may be used on PVC/ABS combustion air pipes and vent pipe terminations.