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Synonyms for combustion

a process in which a substance reacts with oxygen to give heat and light

a state of violent disturbance and excitement

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This exhaust fan is mentioned because its location on the roof is very near the combustion air intakes and exhaust flues and, therefore, could be playing some part in disturbing the airflow pattern of the flues; and because exhaust in a boiler room is frowned upon because it complicates combustion air draft to the boiler.
To include the effect of water vapor we extended our database by including numerical laminar burning velocities for a wide range of water fractions in combustion air.
Figure 4 shows the relationship obtained for one combustion air blower.
The post condition showed the excess combustion air is reduced.
The combustion air is diluted with a large amount of recirculated exhaust gasses; the oxygen concentration in the main reaction region is reduced to a lower concentration with respect to the case of undiluted air, allowing for a better control of the reactants kinetic and average temperature.
Moreover, the absence of mechanical linkages between the gas and combustion air control valves and dampers eradicates the risk of the operation 'sticking'.
2] concentration instead of direct measurement of combustion air flow rate, which would require costly measurement.
Another option for stack reusing is the combustion air preheating in an air preheater before entering the boiler (Eastop&Croft, 1995, Kreith&West, 1997).
Nevertheless, some jurisdictions require outdoor combustion air supplies.
The traditional Capstone microturbine engine uses gaseous or liquid fuels to heat combustion air.
Four modulating natural gas burners with a floor-mounted combustion air blower have 750,000 btu/hour installed.
After outlining the ten occupancy groups, this guide explains the construction rules governing concrete foundations, walls, roofs, chimneys, egress, exterior finish, combustion air, HVAC, plumbing, electrical systems, windows, and fire protection systems.
Combustion air preheating would be beneficial and may now be feasible with a modern heat pipe device using smokebox gases for heating.
The smaller particles carried upwards by the combustion air while larger particles settle on the grate.