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trade name for an oral contraceptive containing mestranol and norethynodrel

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Now, a large Scandinavian study that has been running for 30 years has finally provided convincing evidence that the combined oral contraceptive pill does, indeed, alleviate the symptoms of painful menstrual periods.
However, there are also factors that decrease the probability of ovarian cancer, for example women who have been on the combined oral contraceptive pill for five years or more, women who have had their fallopian tubes surgically tied, and women who had children at a young age.
American biologist and researcher Dr Gregory Pincus also co-invented the combined oral contraceptive pill.
The headaches can also occur during other times in life when a woman's hormones are changing - during the first three months of pregnancy, the menopause, while taking HRT or on on the combined oral contraceptive pill
The combined oral contraceptive pill, can help by preventing ovulation.
Sexual health charity FPA in the UK has issued an updated leaflet, available also on their website, on the combined oral contraceptive pill, which contains straightfoward information on how to take the pill, its advantages and disadvantages, risks, what women should do if they miss one or more pills, withdrawal bleeding and signs of pregnancy.
In the 1960s, the combined oral contraceptive pill, based on pioneering work by M.
It would be desirable to have the combined oral contraceptive pill Allesse or a generic equivalent available.
Thrombosis is more likely when someone is inactive for a long period of time, during or after air travel, after an operation and if a woman is taking certain combined oral contraceptive pills or HRT.
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