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The technology of combinatorial chemistry is developing an engineering thrust.
As a result, combined demand for combinatorial chemistry instruments will grow at nine percent annually.
Peoria, IL 61604) have used combinatorial chemistry with highly pressurized supercritical fluids to optimize extraction processes, to evaluate the efficiency of enzymes and to enrich nutraceuticals and other compounds sourced from plant-derived oils.
In addition to its widespread use in the pharmaceutical industry, combinatorial chemistry has recently been adopted by researchers in several other industries including agriculture and materials, where the growth potential is substantial.
Because of the traditionally long lead times in the development of new drugs, no drugs currently on the market can be identified as using combinatorial chemistry techniques in their development," says Allan Marchington, CEO of Cambridge Combinatorial, Cambridge, U.
agreed on a collaboration involving Pharmacopeia's combinatorial chemistry and high-throughput screening technology for drug discovery.
Mimotopes is a worldwide research service and supply company offering combinatorial chemistry and custom manufacture of chemical compounds, peptides, and related materials and kits.
At the same time, the techniques of combinatorial chemistry have radically changed the way drug companies look for new drug candidates.
of Freiburg, Germany) and Hinzen, a researcher in medicinal chemistry, compile 10 chapters on combinatorial chemistry.
Pharmaceutical companies already use a similar approach, known as combinatorial chemistry, to find candidate drugs.
The parties have entered into a limited cross-license of their combinatorial chemistry technologies.
R&D, lead generation technologies: Computational chemistry, combinatorial chemistry, focused compound libraries, high-throughput screening.
Prior roles at Pfizer include, among others, being the chemistry team leader for the project that discovered sildenafil (Viagra(TM)), being Section Head of Pfizer's first combinatorial chemistry group, and managing several other research groups within Pfizer.
Technology spillover from drug delivery has led to the development of combinatorial chemistry methodologies.
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