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a silvery metallic element that is common in rare-earth minerals

the 25th letter of the Roman alphabet

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The multiplexer is a combinational logic device, which receives several input variables and selects one of them to be its output (Mano & Dime, 1997).
With up to eight inputs to the combinational logic block, one ALM can implement up to two independent functions each of varying widths, including any function of up to six-inputs and certain seven-input functions.
makes good use of his decades of experience as he focuses on the practical aspects of creating state machines while giving readers sufficient theory to understand what they are doing, starting by reviewing combinational logic, including number systems, number representations, Boolean algebra, minimization, logic symbols, analysis and synthesis of combinational logic, multiplexers, decoders, encoders, comparators, storage elements, and programmable logic devices.
Specific topics include reliability issues for embedded SRAM at 90nm and below, test challenges for 3D circuits, combinational logic soft-error analysis, and online error detection in wireless RF transmitters using real-time streaming data.
Also available is a free CLC Configuration Tool, to streamline the setup process of the CLC module by simulating the functionality of the registers and combinational logic in a graphical user interface (GUI).