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the act of drawing a comb through hair

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50/2016 for the definition of a framework agreement with a single economic operator for each lot for the assignment of the supply of pure combed cotton fibers and cotton linters for the realization of special papers .
As customer demand has shifted to high quality cotton yarn such as combed cotton yarn products, the Group has been focusing on restructuring its product mix by reducing the output of grey fabric.
The fabric is a blend of 65% polyester/ 35% combed cotton with soil release finish.
The company has installed capacity of 15,600 spindles at present and is engaged in production of 64s carded yarn, company will also start manufacturing 48s count combed cotton yarn by February 2011.
Made of 100% Pure Combed Cotton and weighing 650gms per square meter, this is the ultimate weight for a towel, any heavier and it just takes to long to dry after use or washing.
The bed linen includes crisp white 100% combed cotton 200 thread count percale duvet cover and sheets, and sumptuous white goose feather and down pillows.
A Casa Copenhagen's gorgeous French Knot range of embroidered linen is in 220TD percale combed cotton.
has taken when designing its 100% combed cotton onesies (each has a clever saying silkscreened on the front that should keep buttinskies at arm's length).
Flying Colors Florida signature hues shine at Taffy's, in luscious combed cotton and microfiber resort-weight sweaters ($188) by St.
99; and 400-thread-count sets from Sealy in combed cotton designed to fit up to 20-inch mattresses.
AMERICAN Apparel has a Sustainable Edition range made from certified organic combed cotton.
The Sustainable Edition range from the Los Angeles-based label is made from certified organic combed cotton.
This 100% combed cotton shirt is blue with black stripes and has the full CPP logo embroidered on the chest.
The four added products are men's and boy's cotton and man-made fiber shirts, man-made fiber trousers, man-made fiber knit shirts and blouses, and combed cotton yarn.
Ripped hunks meet classic toile patterns in 100% combed cotton, 200-thread-count linens.