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a military officer who serves as an adviser to the troops of an allied nation

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Any combat advisor or instructor can teach HNSF for both Iraq and Afghanistan.
Center for Army Lessons Learned (CALL), Combat Advisor Handbook, April 2008.
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Program of Instruction (POI) Learning Objectives and Tasks for CSS39Functional Area Enabling Learning Objective Associated Tasks Combat Advisor Understand US Army Sustainment logistics systems FSF CSS Overview Understand host nation CSS procedures Contracting --Understand US contracting Capabilities/Field Ordering guidelines Officer (FOO) --Understand roles and responsibilities of the FOO --Understand nonstandard sources of supply Mortuary Affairs (MA)/ Understand what is involved Summary Court Martial with MA for a small team Officer (SCMO) and how to conduct SCMO duties RIP/TOA Best Practices Understand RIP/TOA intent and theater guidelines Battle Damage Assessment Familiarize team logisticians and Repair (BDAR)/ with the BDAR kit Maintenance Table 3.
The US Army traditionally calls its mentors combat advisors (CA), but the actual name varies depending on the type of mentoring mission a Service member is assigned to perform.
The KLE is the crux of what a combat advisor does, and your KLEs with your Afghan counterparts may take twice as long as a meeting with your American peers.
Being a combat advisor is certainly one of the most challenging, frustrating, and rewarding assignments an Army leader can have.
Some combat advisors try to make their counterparts and their Afghan units perform at the same level as an American unit.
Delta Company's mission is to train combat advisors for deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan.
With the deployment of combat advisors (CA) and the implementation of counterinsurgency (COIN) theory in modern warfare, SOF is no longer the singular force operating by, with, and through FSF.
Currently, the 162nd Infantry Brigade FSF-CA trains and deploys combat advisors on a weekly basis.
Combat advisors deploying to train and partner with HNSF tactical level units should receive significant instruction in the weapons they will encounter, especially if they are not U.
Unlike combat advisors, conventional units partnering with HNSF will probably never be in the situation where they are required to fight with a HNSF weapon system.
They should also attend the live-fire exercises described above for the combat advisors, since these individuals are, in effect, tactical level advisors.