battle fatigue

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a mental disorder caused by stress of active warfare

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Insisting she did not have liver disease but had been advised by her doctor to cut back on drinking and smoking to combat exhaustion, the poor lass added: 'I love my dad but sometimes he has a big mouth - and not just when he's singing.
Eriksson has consulted with England's medical team and instructed the FA to seek concessions from UEFA at today's pre-match meeting to try and combat exhaustion brought about by crippling heat in what is a death-or- glory match.
Of the remainder, 182 had been rendered unfit for combat due to combat exhaustion or winter conditions.
Medic Eugene Roe (Shane Taylor) is overwhelmed, on edge and close to combat exhaustion when he finds friendship with a Belgian nurse.
Rougier teamed up with England during France '98 after Glenn Hoddle asked him to create a healthier diet which would help the players combat exhaustion during matches.
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