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Four forb species had C [greater than or equal to] 7, including Aristolochia serpentaria, Comandra umbellata, Lysimachia lanceolata, and Tradescantia virginiana.
Eight forb species had C [greater than or equal to] 7, including Calystegia spithamaea, Comandra umbellata, Lobelia spicata, Lysimachia lanceolata, Packera obovata, Silphium integrifolium, Symphyotrichum laeve, and Tradescantia virginiana.
2008b), eight species documented at the Bennett wetland complex represent Henry County records, including Comandra umbellata, Coreopsis tripteris, Cypripedium eandidum, Hierochloe hirta subsp, arctica (Hieroehloe odorata), Hypericum ascyron, Hypoxis hirsuta, Senna hebecarpa, and Sporobolus neglectus.
Other forbs that were commonly encountered in both studies were Lithospermum canescens, Pedicularis canadensis, Phlox pilosa, Thaspium barbinode, Comandra umbellata, Blephilia ciliata, Liatris cylindracea, Linum sulcatum, and Chamaecrista fasciculata.