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a member of the Shoshonean people who formerly lived between Wyoming and the Mexican border but are now chiefly in Oklahoma

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the Shoshonean language spoken by the Comanche

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A combined total of 1,290 school supply items (smaller items were counted by packages) were donated to local Oklahoma schools by Comanche Nation Entertainment with a value of approximately $12,000.
Chas Robbins, CEO of Comanche Nation Entertainment remarked, "We're here to help Oklahomans.
Comanche Red River Hotel Casino, Comanche Nation Casino and Comanche Spur Casino will be hosting a charity event with the mission of providing coats to those who need them as the weather turns cold.
In 2008, opposition from the Comanche Nation became more intense as
Judge DeGiusti enjoined the TSC project, finding the Comanche Nation had
Comanche Nation Funeral Home in Lawton was in charge of arrangements.
The Comanche Nation complex is located nine miles north of Lawton.
Comanche Nation Entertainment, along with government agencies and other businesses, wasted no time in making arrangements to help as they could.
It was heartwarming to see so many join together to help," remarked Chris Tipton, Director of Marketing for Comanche Nation Entertainment.
Then in the 20th century, the Comanche Nation saw thirty-six braves serve the United States during World War I.
The Comanche Nation held celebrations for the Code Talkers as they prepared to go to war.
Comanche Nation College, for example, gets more than 90 percent of its operating budget from the Nation.
The Comanche Nation does give us an appropriation for our college," says Consuela Lopez, the president of Comanche Nation College.
Their casinos include the Comanche Nation Casino, Comanche Red River Hotel Casino (a complete gaming destination featuring a new hotel), Comanche Spur Casino, Comanche Star Casino and the Comanche Nation Travel Plaza.
Incite Response considers Comanche Nation Entertainment to be a perfect fit for the company as the two entities share similar corporate values, leading with a common belief that providing the best customer experience possible should be a business' top priority.