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the commonest type of solidified lava

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Although the ke'etu is notable, more significant is a stone upright of columnar basalt (Fig.
There are a fossil forest and columnar basalt formations among the first five geosites.
The columnar basalt resting directly on the sediments may represent one of the initial tongues (Cummings, personal communication, 2009).
Latourrel Falls plummets 249 feet down a picturesque lichen-colored columnar basalt cliff and signals the start of the spectacular waterfall showcase.
Nearby is Devils Postpile NM, considered one of the world's best examples of columnar basalt.
Horsethief Butte is a mesa of columnar basalt that's popular with beginning rock climbers and casual hikers.
The next day you're in Idaho, embarking on a side trip that jet boats you past the naked walls of Hells Canyon, where dabs of crimson sumac and spots of white--bighorn sheep--offer th only visual relief amid miles of dry hills and towering columnar basalt.