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a still consisting of an apparatus for the fractional distillation of ethanol from fermentation on an industrial scale

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Column still dropped from over 100 foot height into 54 foot high still tower building
46 feet high by 32 inch diameter copper column still with 19 trays and 4 levels of unique copper grids
Rums are created from one of two fundamental distillation techniques: the old-fashioned batch process called pot still distillation or the more industrial style known as column still (a.
The journey continues with a centuries-old, small batch distillation process incorporating copper pots and column stills.
It's a small batch vodka made from high-altitude Swiss rye, which is first distilled in traditional copper alembic still, then further refined in 45-plate column stills.
The Marula wine is distilled in column stills and then copper pot stills to produce the characteristically flavorful Marula spirit, which is then aged for two years in small oak barrels.
Irish whiskey is traditionally distilled in pot stills, as opposed to the column stills used for Scotch and other spirits.
Two small-batch distillations of the fermented cane juice in pot stills -- as opposed to the large column stills used for continuous distillation by most producers -- allow the master distiller greater control over each distillate.
Master distillers are likewise responsible for creating grain whiskies in column stills.
Distilled in column stills, the rum derives its taste from oak vats in which the rum is matured for at least eight months, the company says.
Today, the majority of spirits, including many of the best vodkas, are produced in continuous column stills.
The vodka is distilled in column stills and filtered through screens made of inert material.