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a legal holiday commemorating the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus

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I celebrate Columbus Day because I, for one, am glad he "discovered" America the only country in the entire history of mankind that has accomplished so much, helped more people around the globe and has the most freedom for its citizens.
Here are 11 facts to know about Columbus Day, and the controversial explorer in whose honor it is celebrated as a holiday:
To professor Leo Killsback of Arizona State University, Columbus Day is not a time of celebration but a reminder of "historic crimes" against Native Americans.
On Columbus Day last year, more than 650 First Financial associates took part in a company-wide volunteer initiative: The First Financial Day of Service.
Others follow the federal guidelines as they choose, and Veterans Day and Columbus Day are frequently ignored around the country.
One complaint against Columbus Day, and so, so many other things, is that they reflect a Western perspective.
O'Connell recalled that during his childhood, Columbus Day "was always seen as a key date in terms of the evolution of the discovery and advancement of the North American continent.
So today some Americans celebrate Columbus Day and some Americans prefer to celebrate Native American Heritage Day.
Adam Coulter, editor of online guide Cruise Critic, who is attending today's inaugural Columbus Day cruise convention in the city, hailed the port's re-entry to the market.
The firm said that Columbus Day Weekend, October 5-7th, on average, is the cheapest weekend to get away.
Many US natives rely on their consular and embassy services when travelling, but on Columbus Day the Embassy of Switzerland will be closed all day.
TCF Bank, a subsidiary of Wayzata, Minnesota-based TCF Financial Corporation (NYSE: TCB), has said that all of its 232 branches will open regular business hours on Columbus Day, October 11, 2010.
WE'VE got three copies of thriller Columbus Day to give away.
Reflected glory: exactly 33 years ago, the Palm House and trees in Sefton Park are mirrored in the shining chrome helmet of this United States Army Colour Guardsman, from Burtonwood, attending the Liverpool civic ceremony to commemorate Columbus Day and the discovery of the Americas on October 13, 1975, alongside the statue of the famous explorer Picture: EDDIE BARFORD, Daily Post archive
On November 6, 2007, I was arrested with about eighty-five others in Denver, Colorado, trying to stop hate speech as expressed in the Columbus Day Parade.
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