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If you'd rather have white flowers on the same plant, try `Silver Queen', one of the longest-flowering columbines.
Robin', with white-and-rose-pink flowers, is one of the Songbird columbines that is most often sold separately.
Having identified all the genes that are intimately involved with making red and blue columbines now allows us to determine how these evolutionary transitions have occurred," he added.
In an article published recently in the Proceedings of the National Academies of Sciences, two researchers document their studies of the evolution of columbine flowers in North America.
Columbines reseed themselves when the soil drains well and may be grown in sun to partial shade.
exploding bombs signaled the start of a violent rampage on the Columbine High School campus that left in its wake: 12 students, one teacher and two killers dead; 24 students transported to hospitals, and 160 more treated for injuries on site.
Are schools any safer now than they were before the Columbine tragedy?
Columbines come in a range of forms, including single and double flowers with (or without) long or short spurs.
Short-lived perennials (most last only two to four years), columbines grow in almost every Western climate except Hawaii.
One of Colorado's columbines greets moth pollinators with upturned yellow petals and spurs; another is blue and white.
The data also suggest that European and Asian columbines predate North Amerirican species.
Columbines are typically and fascinatingly bicolored, but the colors themselves are flat.
Every year columbines in shades of red, pink, purple, yellow, and white put on a summer-long show in Betty Taylor's garden in Ketchum, Idaho.
Darrell Scott and Beth Nimmo, parents of slain Columbine High School student Rachel Joy Scott, will host the Columbine Redemption Service at Trinity Christian Center, 6500 W.
Youth culture lecturer and bestselling author Josh McDowell will issue a national wake-up call during a keynote address at the Columbine Redemption Service -- an official anniversary gathering for families and friends of victims of the shooting rampage at Columbine High School one year ago.