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a painter able to achieve special effects with color

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Cadell was the only Scottish Colourist to serve, and although the angular, jagged forms of the rocks on Iona become more pronounced afterward, his oeuvre, apart from a lost work entitled Poisonous Gas, betrays little of the horrors of war, unlike that of his contemporaries the Vorticists.
Marc Ramos, head colourist at Brooks and Brooks said: "Copper - or ginger if we're being contentious - is making a huge impact right now.
VALUABLE paintings by the fashionable Scottish Colourists are being stolen to order.
er the " These paintings, produced undthe grimmest of circumstances, established Alison's reputation as most confident colourist since Samuel Peploe.
Clairol's creative director, celebrity colourist James Brown worked on model Alicia (pictured) who had naturally intense red hair and very 'country' rosy cheeks.
However, a colour product is only as good as the colourist who's using it
Hair colourist Anna spiced it up by adding panels of chocolate, with copper on the tips.
London -- London, February 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Daniel Galvin - world's leading hair colourist and central London salon owner - has publicly pledged to help clients beat the congestion charge.
He is the half-way house between Kyffin's Bible-black wonder world and the bright palette firmly rooted in the Scottish Colourist tradition.
To flatter her skin tone, colourist Joe Jones made Virginia's natural hair tone a darker golden-brown.
The woman used the work to brighten up her kitchen but she had no idea it was by Scottish colourist Francis Campbell Boileau Cadell.