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If you think about the rural location, the fact that he is using wool - a natural product - then painting that natural product in paint, it really clashes with nature, and then painting it with a very vibrant colour, there's a real tension there between nature and this colourisation - it's been treated in some way and taken away from its natural habitat into a gallery.
After he has been cleaned, thanks to Sen, his purity, fluidity, and vitality return (represented through speed and style of movement, colourisation and diagetic sound).
30pm) Cast, crew and writers of the TV sitcom about a department store look back on its 13-year run, to coincide with the colourisation of the black and white pilot episode.
New material developments in the layer structure shall enable colourisation to increase contrast as well as structuring and branding.
This is because nanotechnology is likely to offer the opportunity for the colourisation of fabrics--that is, that a blouse would be able to be switched from green to blue either by the manufacturer or the customer.
It's been digitally re-mastered into full colour (it was originally shown in black and white), and though I thought I'd never say it, the colourisation works pretty well.
On behalf of AIDAA, Elliot Silverstein (an American film director) voiced regret over the lack of consideration, in the United States, for authors and directors whose works are denatured (at the time, this concerned the colourisation of films) without their having been consulted beforehand, in spite of the United States' signature and ratification of the 1989 Berne Convention.
Even so, the author suggests, present--day laws requiring the colourisation of margarine in Ontario and Quebec are testament to the continuing influence of the dairy industry's appeals to Canada's rural roots.
The colourisation began to concern me to such an extent that I asked East Ayrshire Council to test it last December.
But it has been the success of the photo repair and colourisation part of the business which has slightly surprised him.
This from the man who once took a vociferous stand against studios tinkering with old movies when colourisation was the in thing.
The monochrome negatives, found in the French village of Vignacourt in the Somme, have been brought to life by colourisation expert Tom Marshall.